Author: Hala Al-Kayyali

Permanent exhibit

A Painted Mughal Scene on Ivory Depicting a royal parade with elephants, horses, and flags. A large white castle stands in the background. India 13th c.  AH/19thc.  AD Blue and White Painted Mihrab Tiles Decorated with inscriptions of Qur’anic verses in thuluth script. Turkey- Kotahia 13thc.  AH/19th c.  AD A …

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Miniature Paintings

Miniature art is one of the traditional arts in Islamic countries. Miniatures are small artistic pictures that clarify literary, scientific, social or other content that occupied manuscripts in the Middle Ages. Miniatures are considered as documentary images of life, environment, traditions, beliefs, rituals, historical events, architecture, uniforms and arts. In …

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Qur’anic Illumination

Some artists decorated the entire Qur’an, while others only decorated certain pages, such as the first pages and Surat al-Baqarah, al-Ikhlas, al-Falaq and al-Nas. They were careful to beautify the beginning and ending of the Qur’an to represent that within the covers was a manifestation of beauty and majesty, Flowers, …

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