Places in Jeddah AlBalad

Places in Jeddah AlBalad


Al-Shafi Mosque

Mosques - 1.1 Al Shafi mosque
Mosques - 1.2. Al Shafi mosque
Mosques - 1.3. Al Shafi mosque
Mosques - 1.4 Al Shafi Mosque

Al- Shafi Mosque in the Historical area of Jeddah. Named after Imam Mohammad bin Edriss Al Shafi, one of the famous four Suni jurisprudence scholars. It was built where second rightly-guided Caliph, Omar bin Al-Khatab prayed in Jeddah as a main Muslim port. The Minaret is a little younger from the 3rd century Hijri when minarets started to be built and used for athan/ the call to prayer. It was built using traditional construction material including sea mud, Mangab stones, and wood as raw material. It took 3 years to restore it and it was reopened in June 2015.

AlBasha Mosque

Mosques - 2.1 AlBasha mosque
Mosques - 2.2. AlBasha mosque

 One of the old mosques in the historical area. The man who built it was named Bakr Basha. He built a lot of waqs/endowments during the Ottoman period when he was alive. It was built in 1147 Hijri. It was razed in 1400 to the ground and rebuilt.

Akkasha Mosque

Mosques - 3.1 Akkasha mosque

It is in Harat AlBahar close to the Fourta Gate where workers would exit to go to the port. It was built in 1200 Hijri by a man called Akkashah Abatha. It is elevated so one has to go up steps to enter it and it has 5 doors made from Almond wood that is durable. It has a dome in the middle that has a lot of geometric details. It also had a well that people used to drink and made abolition. It has a modern library.

AlMemar Mosque

Mosques - 4.1 AlMimar mosque
Mosques - 4.2 AlMimar mosque

AlMemar Mosque is in Harat AlYemen. It was built by Mustapha Mimar Basha in 1240 Hijri. It has two gates.

Abu Bakr ElSiddiq Mosque

Mosques - 5. Abu Bakr Elsiddiq

Abu Bakr Elsiddiq Mosque was built 1243 Hijri.

Al-Hanafi Mosque

Mosques - 6.1 Al Hanafi Mosque
Mosques - 6.2 Al Hanafi Mosque -

In Harat AlSham in AlBalad. Was built in the 14th century hijri. It fit more than 2000 people. It has one of the longest minarets in the area and is made of mangab traditional stone. It has a lot of Ottoman details inside.


Beit AbdelQader

Houses - 1.Beit AbdelQader
Houses - 2.Beit AbdelQader

Beit AbdelQader Nour Wali was owned before by Beit Ashour. It’s over 140 years old. It has rectangular long Roshans/wooden windows that are an irregular shape not seen anywhere else in the area. It was considered a skyscraper alongside Beit Nasif as they were tall houses. It has Turkish baths and low steps and is of the lost beautiful houses in the area.

Beit AlMatbouli

Houses - Beit AlMatbouli (1)

Beit AlMatbouli is from the oldest homes in the historical area. It’s in Harat Alyemin in AlAlawi souk. It’s older than 400 years. It has an underground tunnel inside the house that leads to Beit Nasif and it is said to be outside the historical area for unknown reasons.

Beit AlSaggaf

Houses - Al Saggaf

Beit Alsaggaf was razed and doesn’t exist anymore. The last photo that was taken of it was in 1318. It housed the French embassy at one time.

Beit AlBatarji

Houses - 1.1 Beit AlBatarji
Houses - 1.3 Beit AlBatarji -

The first American embassy was in this house in 1330 Hijri. It’s door and the details on it show beautiful craftsmanship. It also is the only house where the steps had rails.

Beit Jokhdar

Houses - 1.1 Beit Jokhdar AJPG
Houses - 1.2 Beit Jokhdar

It is in Harat AlYemen very close to Beit Nasif. It was built by Mohammad Nour Johkdar. It’s Roshan is the longest in the historical area of Jeddah. It is also three levels.

Beit Nasif

Houses - Beit Nasif
Houses - Beit Nasif

The most famous house in the Historical area of Jeddah. It was built in 1298 by Omar Afandi Nasif. It took over eight years to build. It got famous when king AbdulAziz stayed there during the unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Beit Sharabtly

Houses - Beit Sharabtly

It’s a very beautiful house that overlooks the Arbaeen pond and is in Harat AlSham. It was built by AlSharif ibn Abdulla AlAbdali in 1910 AD. It was sold in the 1940s after his death to the Sarbartly family. Then it became the headquarters of the Egyptian official delegation. Then it was left and it was renovated recently.

Beit Qabel

Houses - Beit Qabel

It was built by Sheikh Sulaiman Qabel. It was the house where the poetess known as Khansaa AlHijaz, Thurayya Qabel grew up. It an inside garden which is an unusual feature in homes at the time and shows the wealth of the owners. Sulaiman Qabel bought Souk Qabel from Alsharif.

Beit Zeinal

House - Beit Zeinal

Is located in Harat AlSham and is also called Holland House as it housed the Dutch embassy. It was built in a different style than the Hijazi one. It was not built using the traditional mangab stones. Some traditional materials were used to build the rawasheen/windows.

Beit Baeshen

House - Beit Baeshen

Its owner is Mohammad Saleh bin Ali Baeshen in Harat AlMathloom. One of the well- known traders in Jeddah. It’s become two museums, one for coins and for postal stamps. It also has a musalla where taraweeh prayers in Ramadan. It has three entrances, one for men, one for women and one for management.


Foul Fattah

The alley way of the restaurant
The alley way of the restaurant
The restaurant
The restaurant
Foul & Tameez
Foul & Tameez
Gallaba & Tameez
Gallaba & Tameez

Historical Nights Cafe

Food- 8. historical nights cafe
Food- 9. Historical Nights Cafe
Food- 10. Historical Nights cafe
Hijazi breakfast
Hijazi breakfast
Karak Chai
Karak Chai


Ribat Banaja

Other - 1. Ribat Banaja
Other - 1.2 Ribat Banaja
Ribat Khonja
Ribat Khonja

It was built by Abdallah Banaja initially as a khan/inn for travelers and their animals. Then he turned it into a waqf /endowment for widows and those with disabilities to live.

Al Falah School

Other - 3.1 Al Falah school
Other - 3.2 Al Falah school
Other - 3.3 Al Falah school
Other - 3.4 Al Falah school
Other - 3.5 Al Falah school

AlFalah School is the first modern school in Saudi Arabia. It was opened in 1905 AD. It was founded by Hajj Mohammad Alireza Zainal with the help of his friend AbdelRouaf Jamjoom.

Faraj Yusr Well

Other - 4. Faraj Yusr Well

Faraj Yusr Well is an old well well over 500 years old. The trader Faraj Yusr in approximately 1270 hijri during a water crisis gathered money to fix the well.

Mecca Gate or Jeddah Gate

Other- 4.1 Gates - Mecca Gate or Jeddah Gate
Other- 4.2 Gates - Mecca Gate or Jeddah Gate

Mecca Gate or Jeddah East Gate. Named Mecca Gate because the pilgrims entered and left from it. The police station was next to it. It was built in the Fatimide era and was renewed during the Mamluk rule. Was razed in the 20th century. It was rebuilt to remind people of the city wall

AlMadina Gate

Other- 4.3 Gates - AlMadina Gate
Other- 4.4 Gates - AlMadina Gate

AlMadina Gate was at the North side of the historical city walls. It was the way to go and come back from AlMadina AlMunawwara.

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