Husrev Beg’s life and family tree

Husrev Beg’s life and family tree

Gazi Husrev Beg's Life (1480-1541)

Gazi Husrev Beg was a Bosnian sanjak-bey (governor) and the greatest waqif (benefactor) in Saravejo. This is his story.


Husrev Beg was born in Serez (today Greece), where his father was a governor. His father, Ferhad Beg, was a Bosnian nobleman, and his mother Saljuka, was an Ottoman princess and a daughter of Sultan Bayazid II.


He lost his father at an early age since Ferhad Beg was killed in the battle of Adana in 1486.


He came to live at the court of his grandfather, Sultan Bayazid II, where he was educated and brought up together with the princes of the Ottoman Empire.

1503 - 1504

As an envoy and associate of the Prince Mehmed, the governor of Crimea, he went on a diplomatic mission to the Court of the Russian Emperor, where he visited the Prince of Moscow in 1503. When the prince died in 1504, Husrev Beg returned to Istanbul.


Husrev Beg was appointed as Imperial Kapij-basha i.e. chief Gatekeeper of the Imperial Court. A kapij-basha was the commander of the Imperial Court guard, but he was also charged with the duty of being at the head of the foreign envoys at the receptions given by the sultan and of performing confidential diplomatic tasks. 


Husrev Beg’s mother, Princess Saljuka died.

1519 - 1521

He was appointed as governor of Smederevo in 1519 and held the post until 1521.


Husrev Beg took part in the military campaign launched by Sultan Bayazid I against Belgrade in 1521, where he stood out as a superb army commander. Gazi (hero) is the honorary title he earned for his bravery in the battle in which Belgrade was conquered.


Owing to his military merit, Gazi Husrev Beg was appointed as governor of Bosnia in 1521. With two brief interruptions, he held this position until his death.


Gazi Husrev Beg made a significant investment in the development of Saravejo in this period. He built the central mosque, the madrasah, the haniqah, the grand haan, etc. he also installed proper plumbing, which was 7 kilometers in length, for the aforementioned buildings.


He took part as an army commander in the battle of Mohacs in which the Ottomans inflicted a decisive defeat on the Kingdom of Hungary.


Gazi Husrev Beg passed away in Saravejo on June 18, 1541. The mausoleum situated in the Gazi Husrev Beg’s Mosque houses his tomb.

Gazi Husrev Beg’s - Family Tree

Gazi Husrev Beg (1480-1541)

The son of a Bosnian peer and an Ottoman princess; a grandchild of sultan Bayezid II.

Ferhad Beg (?-1486)

Gazi Husrev Beg’s father.
He was of Bosnian noble family descent; a convert to Islam;
married to Seljuka, a daughter of Sultan Bayezid II; he performed a number of significant duties in the Ottoman Empire.


Gazi Husrev Beg’s uncle and Ferhat Beg’s brother.
Radivoj was a Christian living in Trebinje.

Gazi Husrev - Beg’s grandfather

Most likely from a Bosnian noble family.


Gazi Husrev – Beg’s sister

Seldzuka Seljuka (?- 1508)

Gazi Husrev Beg’s mother.
An Ottoman princess and daughter of Sultan Bayezid II; married to Ferhat Beg.


Gazi Husrev Beg’s aunt.
An Ottoman princess and daughter of sultan Bayezid II; married to the Grand Vizier, Ahmed Pasha Hercegovic.


Gazi Husrev Beg’s aunt.
An Ottoman princess and daughter of Sultan Bayezid II. 

Sultan Selim I Javuz (1470-1520)

Gazi Husrev Beg’s uncle
The Ottoman prince who reigned from 1512-1520; he is one of the most successful Ottomans sultans.

Mehmed (?-1504)

Gazi Husrev Beg’s uncle
An Ottoman prince and son of Sultan Bayezid II; close to Gazi Husrev Beg.


Gazi Husrev Beg’s uncle
An Ottoman prince and son of Sultan Bayezid II.


Gazi Husrev Beg’s uncle An Ottoman prince and son of Sultan Bayezid II.

Sultan Suleyman I (1494-1566)

Gazi Husrev Beg’s relative
The Ottoman sultan with the longest period of rule (1520-1566); during his reign, the Ottoman Empire reached the pinnacle of success.

Sultan Bayezid II (1447-1512)

Gazi Husrev Beg’s grandfather
He reigned from 1481-1512; he brought a long period of peace and stability to the Ottoman Empire.

Sultan Mehmed II Fatih (1432-1481.)

Gazi Husrev Beg’s great - grandfather
He reigned from 1444-1446 and from 1451-1481; he conquered Constantinople in 1453 And the Bosnian Kingdom in 1463.

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