Permanent exhibit

Permanent exhibit

A Painted Mughal Scene on Ivory


Depicting a royal parade with elephants, horses, and flags. A large white castle stands in the background.

India 13th c.  AH/19thc.  AD

Blue and White Painted Mihrab Tiles


Decorated with inscriptions of Qur’anic verses in thuluth script.

Turkey- Kotahia 13thc.  AH/19th c.  AD

A Chestplate Made of Copper with Silver Inlay.


It has a triangular shape, with a rectangular base and small hanging bells.

Central Asia, 1259 AH/1843-1844 AD

Copper and Steel Implements

4.Copper and steel implement, used for various medical practices especially destistry and pharmacy

Used for various medical practices especially dentistry and pharmacy.

Arabia/Persia, 1-5th c. AH 7-11thc. AD

A Seljuq Vase


Decorated with bands of naksh and kufic script, the four roundels depict mythological birds. 

Khorasan, 7th c. AH/ 13th c. AD

A Tin-Plated Kashkool


The rim is decorated with a band of nasta’liq script ending with the owner’s name.

Ardabil, 11thc. AH/17th c. AD

A Brass Peacock Statue

7.A brass peacock statue, decorated with royal motifs in the Qajari figural style

Decorated with royal motifs in the Qajari figural style.

Khorasan 13th c. AH/19th c. AD

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