List for Umrah

List for Umrah


  1. Soap, shampoo and odor-free deodorant (Usually bought from pharmacies)
  2. Do not forget to add the following sentence with the intention of “Umrah” "مالم يحبسني حابس",  so that if for some reason you can’t complete that Umrah at that time, this part absolves you from needing to finish it before breaking your ihram. Basically, it qualifies that you intend to finish Umrah at this time, as long as nothing unavoidable occurs. For example, you could get your period before finishing it.


  1. Two “abayas” (or more, depending on the length of your visit)
    Wash one and wear the other
  2. Long skirts, dresses or sweat pants
    Pack loose, comfortable wear that completely covers your body and allows you to move easily, even when sitting cross legged. Wearing pants for ”Umrah”, or when planning to do a lot of walking, is recommended to protect inner legs from friction especially while perspirinG
  3. Tops
    Select short or long sleeve tops, depending on the weather and your natural body temperature
    If the weather is cold, wear layers to easily adjust to the change of temperature from day to night
  4. Socks
    One pair for each day of your stay
    For longer stays, take three pairs, one to wear, one to wash and one for emergencies
  5. Footwear
    Suitable for wearing with socks and removing easily. (I usually wear Crocs because they are very comfortable for long walks)
  6. Footwear especially for Haram Grounds
    Soft soled, new and clean footwear to change into and use only on Haram grounds is allowed
    Recommended in cold weather and to give extra cushioning, especially during Umrah as it involves a lot of walking
  7. An under “hijab” bandana to keep your hijab in place
  8. Hair clips/bands to lift your hair
  9. A shawl as a layer over your “abaya” in cold weather

CONTENTS of Umrah Bag

It’s best that the bag is either a backpack or a messenger bag, depending on which style you find easier and more efficient to use. It should also be large enough to carry the items recommended below, plus your shoes, as you will be expected to take them off before you enter AlHaram.

  1. Plastic bag (for shoes)
  2. Prayer mat

Either the small size or the regular, as long as it is thin and easy to fold and fit into the bag

  1. Kleenex
  2. "Subha” Prayer bead
  3. Digital "Subha"
  4. Guide on Hajj and "Umrah" rituals
  5. Books: Selected “Duas”
  6. Dates or chocolate 
  7. something that will give you energy, but also maintains the AlHaram’s cleanliness
  8. Water flask 
  9. fill with Zamzam water, so you don’t have to leave your chosen spot as you wait for prayer, or as you sit and contemplate Al Ka’bah
  10. This is especially useful if you're on your own in the Haram and need “Zamzam” water.
  11. Tea or a hot drink inside a light portable flask
    Place the flask inside an additional plastic bag, to guard against leaking
  12. Wet wipes
    To freshen up and for cleaning
  13. Small scissors
    To give to a “Muhram” or another woman to break out of ihram at the end of the “Umrah”
  14. Lollipops or candy
    To give to children in the Haram (to make them happy and keep them busy, especially during “Fajer” and “Isha” prayers, and as thanks and acknowledgement of their patience with being out all hours of the day and night)
  15. Food
    If you are about to do either Suhoor, or break fast in AlHaram
    Bring extra to share with the women around you. (Be choosy with the food so that it doesn’t affect the cleanliness of AlHaram. I go for well wrapped sandwiches.)
  16. Medicine
    For you, and those with you, in case your immune system needs a boost. (I suggest a favorite homeopathic medicine called oscillococcinum by the company Boiron and, of course, vitamin C)
  17. A face mask
    For times when AlHaram is crowded and at times when an illness is spreading. (I only wore it once in Hajj in all the year.)

* It is possible to get the above items from the supermarket “Bin Dawoud” located in the Hilton Hotel, which is directly opposite the ‘King Abdul Aziz’ and ‘King Fahd’ entrance of the Haram.

Prayer rug
Prayer rug
Digital subha
Digital subha
Umrah and Hajj ritual guide
Umrah and Hajj ritual guide

TOUCHING the Black Stone

The best time to attempt to touch the Black Stone is in the morning, as people tend to leave to have breakfast and rest. The other good time is at lunch time when the temperature rises and people tend to stay out of the “Sahen” which is the square surrounding the ka’bah. Good luck ‘in sha Allah’ you will get to touch it.

MAKING a Donation

If you want to give money, it is better to give it to the official kiosks assigned to receive “zakat” or “sadaqa” inside the different souks attached to the hotels around the “Haram”. The Fairmont hotel complex has a few. The one with the most varied choices for giving is tucked inside, close to the escalators going down.
You can also give money to the men and women who are responsible for the cleanliness of the Haram. Just a caveat; make sure that you are subtle, as the men tend to gather quickly and call each other when they notice that someone is giving money. I tend to have the paper money folded in units and place them in the pocket of my abaya (I make or buy abayas with a pocket for that reason) so that I can take one at a time, have it well hidden in my hand and quickly hand it over. Being a woman, I definitely don’t want men gathering around me.

An Accepted Umrah and effort, insha Allah
عمرة مقبولة وسعي مشكور

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